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Hey if you’re not doing anything this Friday evening at 6pm then please come on down to the Ypsilanti Farmers Mkt on Washington St for a food & agriculture mural unveiling!…I’m particularly vested in this event for two reasons:

1) I’m going to be ON the mural! Yikes!!🙃
) My friend Lynne Settles, Director of Ypsilanti African-American Mural Projectand some of her wonderful students are the creators of this.

At any rate, hope to see you there and in the meantime…have a farmfastic day!👍🏾👨🏾‍🌾🙂❤️

Fundraising Fiesta at Frita Batidos

Come celebrate the Summer Harvest and support a phenomenal and important cause! Sunday, August 20th from 4-6pm we will be closing Frita Batidos and making a giant, world class feast in support of our dear friend, Farmer Melvin Parson, and the world class urban farm he is building in Ypsi – growing bountiful produce, community and jobs for formerly incarcerated individuals – We will be roasting a side of Black Oak Farms Pork – Accompainied with spicy greens straight from Wtpga – Mexico City Corn – Buttermilk Biscuits – Tropical Slaw – Tres Leches with MI Summer Fruit and even FRITA MOONSHINE! How can you turn that down?!

Please help us support Farmer Parson and you will leave w/a full belly and stockpile of GREAT Karma ♥ $35 per person – $10 for kids and Pick up orders (AKA Feast To Go) #youcantbelievethedifferencethisguyismaking #dreambigorgohome #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #farmtotableforreal #wtpga #frita #fritafeastsarethebestfeats


Beautiful Day!

20840815_1828307174151561_8601076965924453063_n.jpg20768155_1828307244151554_4740345838674339298_n.jpga32e03c3-d370-4af2-8944-c07d2dcba765.jpg20840916_1828307177484894_7979912954709143424_n.jpg20799544_1828307180818227_499004943648404801_n.jpg20707984_1828307230818222_3234379683517572006_n.jpg20799952_1828307240818221_6946076810428568833_n.jpg20728388_1828307327484879_2562952175926011761_n.jpg20727937_1828307317484880_5063800906648496147_n.jpgHola Everyone!🙂🙂

What a beautiful day!!☀️
And made even more so by Denae Friedheim coming down to see WTPGA Farm. Denae runs the MSU Student Organic Farm program and also…well I can’t say enough about her! She’s amazing and I’m sure everyone that knows her feels the same. Thank you Denae!❤️

My friends Jae Gerhart and Maren Spolum stopped by (more to see Denae and less to help me🙂) However, Jae being the farmer that she is…couldn’t help but to help us (as did Denae) harvest loads of red onions!❤️…”us” being me, Alice Lesemann-Elliott and her mom and Seema Jolly! Thanks everyone!…We got the job done!👍🏾

Spinach will now take there place!🙂

Later in the day I dropped in on Zingermans 35th annual Street Fair! Holy cow!…what a great event coupled with good weather, good food and good people! Happy to run into some favorite folks of mine including Matt StatmanAnna BybergCharles E. ColemanRoss ZiniDave Homyak just to name a few!❤️

And of course I hung around Ari & Tammie Gilfoyle as much as I could! 🙂❤️

All in all…today was a good day and I hope yours was too!❤️