Zingerman’s loves WTPGA! (and we love them)

From Zingermans Roadhouse:

If you had told Farmer Melvin Parson a few years ago that he would be impacting his community though farming, he might have looked at you like you were turning into a turnip. But here he is in Ypsilanti, with rows and rows of vegetables filling up almost an acre. The farm is We the People Growers Association, and Melvin started it to help cultivate his community.

His plot is in the back of Grace Fellowship Church on Harris Road, and I when I go to visit him in the early morning hours, he is hard at work loading up his truck with Swiss chard that he will drive over to the Roadhouse. Currently, we are using his chard, collard greens, and Russian kale on our menu to supplement what we bring in from the Roadhouse Farm in Dexter.

The plants are gorgeous, big and leafy. It takes every ounce of self-control not to start plucking purple-veined Russian kale out the WTPGA garden and chomp away like a “wascally wabbit.” Fortunately, Melvin’s story is quite distracting, and I am able to contain myself.