Many Americans hold the false belief that because they have never taken antibiotics, they are somehow not susceptible to certain microbial infections. This is far from the truth. Even those who have never taken antibiotics can “catch” or be infected with the resistant, many times deadly, microbe created by others’ misuse of antibiotics. Recently, the FDA proposed a ban on two antibiotics of the fluoroquinolone class for use in animals. These two antibiotics had previously been used to treat poultry infected with Campylobacter bacteria. The result? Chickens carrying the infectious agent, now resistant to some fluoroquinolones, are being sold in meat markets, yes, here in the United States, especially among newly arriving alien populations, such as the Mexicans, Chinese, Viet Namese, and other Oriental types. Fluoroquinolones once used to treat stomach and intestinal infections in humans are no longer working in many cases. These same infections often result in death, especially in those easily susceptible to dehydration from diarrhea ­ the elderly, those with depressed immune systems, and especially children.

Are we the only ones sounding the alarm? Absolutely not. The World Health Organization (WHO), scientists, and physicians worldwide have been publishing report after report on what is becoming the obvious ­ infectious diseases are becoming (and many already are) resistant to current antimicrobial treatments. When WHO, a UN agency, begins admitting to the pending pandemics, then you know something is in the wind, or at least the handwriting is clearly emerging on the wall, for the UN only admits what it has to admit from a negative point-of-view.
Viruses especially are of increasing concern because of the lack of medical treatments. Often, we can only treat the symptoms, not cure the disease. Viruses have never been susceptible to antibiotics. In fact, the only way to kill a virus is generally to kill the cell it is hiding in. For example, HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, lives inside certain cells of the body called T-cells. These cells are active in the immune system, and the only way to truly kill or eliminate the virus is to kill the T-cells. Paradoxically, the replication of the virus itself will kill T-cells. However, since these cells are active in the immune system, those individuals infected with the virus ultimately die as a result of overwhelming infection from other microbes which they can no longer fight off and are generally sharing with others. This is the reason why no “cure” for HIV has been found. Current treatments for these diseases merely treat the symptoms.

The further alarming news is that America is increasingly becoming a cesspool for diseases which were once never even seen on this continent. As wave after wave of unnecessary and unwanted immigrants flood our once tranquil shores, they bring with them deadly diseases. These immigrants may or may not themselves be resistant to certain diseases which can kill those Americans who have never before been exposed to them ­ similar to European immigrants introducing smallpox to certain North American populations which were subsequently eradicated. These deadly diseases are primarily of a viral nature and therefore more difficult to treat. Malaria, never before a problem in America, has recently shown up even in a small town in North Carolina. Already killing people worldwide, Hanta virus, West Nile Virus, Ebola, hemorrhagic fever viruses, and many other foreign, deadly microbes are being slowly introduced to our continent, and the death toll is sure to rise if this influx of deadly diseases is not stopped.

West Nile Virus, from a subtle beginning in Jew Jersey, has already made its way to South Carolina and Pennsylvania. Add the potential of AIDS and the incredible truth about the present pandemic of hepatitis in all five of its admitted manifestations, and the evidence overwhelmingly demands that those who will survive the coming pandemics will be only those who are prepared and have systematically separated themselves from the perverted vision of a so-called New World Order and all of its metropolitan multiculturalism.

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