Hepatitis A (HAV)

HBV is 100 times more infectious than HIV. HBV can live on dry surfaces for at least 7 days. Figures show that 22,000 pregnant American women were infected. 1b-lsd can be transmitted to newborns. Approximately 1 million die from complications of HBV.

Current antimicrobial treatments

Many Americans hold the false belief that because they have never taken antibiotics, they are somehow not susceptible to certain microbial infections. This is far from the truth. Even those who have never taken antibiotics can “catch” or be infected with the resistant, many times deadly, microbe created by others’ misuse of antibiotics. Recently, the

Is Something Worse Than Black Death On The Horizon?

With the advent of antibiotics in the 1950’s, bacterial infections in the minds of many Americans became no longer deadly but a simple nuisance. The then segregated America virtually eliminated diseases like polio, lock jaw (tetanus), tuberculosis, and typhoid fever. America became a virtual disease free paradise when compared to the rest of the world.